Wednesday, August 18, 2004


The rough itinerary (overnight stops)

Thursday 8/19 - Utah (Cedar City or Beaver.) Maybe meet Pooh
Friday 8/20 - Somewhere in Colorado
Saturday 8/21 - Somewhere in Kansas (Salina or Topeka.) Meet up with J
Sunday 8/22 - outside of St Louis MO. Meet up with Bluescoot
Monday 8/23 - Who knows. KY or WV, most likely
Tuesday 8/24 - Somewhere in VA. Meet up with Bev or Tracy??? or find the Amazons?
Wednesday 8/25 - Luray, VA, yay! Amazons in the house!

Still haven't settled on the return route. Depends on the weather - if I take I-40, it'll be this, or I may say HELL NO and swing up to I-80 if it's too hot.
Sunday 8/29 - Goodbye to Amazons, hello Knoxville
Monday 8/30 - Memphis
Tuesday 8/31 - Oklahoma City
Wednesday 9/1 - Albuquerque
Thursday 9/2 - Flagstaff
Friday 9/3 - home again to Los Angeles

(you can post progress reports as comments on this thread!)

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