Sunday, May 21, 2006

WWF in Henderson NV

The Raven Clan of the Rumble Sisters held their annual Wild West Fest this weekend in Henderson NV. (Californians, the Mountain Lion clan, always crash their party, and they come to our Meet In The Middle event in October.) Whew, was it hot! Temps are way up early this year. The thermometer in Baker CA was standing at 108° when I passed through on Friday. I gotta get me one of those cool vests for traveling this summer.

Jill snapped this pic of me at Hoover Dam, while I was looking for a parking spaceI did a little riding around Hoover Dam - wanted to make the loop around Lake Mead Nat'l Park but the road is under construction, and stripped down to gravel and dirt for miles at a time. No thank you! I'll come back and visit when the road is complete.

The WWF had a great turnout this year, and we even had a few special guests - Jo came all the way from Canada, and Ice and Suz flew in from Virginia! Our desert heat and lack of humidity just about KILLED them. They turned their rented bikes in after one day, 'cause conditions were just a bit too extreme for them. Smart girls. It is infinitely better to hang out by the pool than to try to ride in heat you can't handle.

It was great to see everyone again, and ride safe sisters!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Quake wins first home game of 2006

This year I am prowling the sidelines as an official photographer for the California Quake. Check out the photos.

The Quake won the game, 59-6, over the Tucson Monsoon, a new team in the IWFL. Tuscon looks like they will have some good talent once they get past their raw newbie jitters. Their quarterback, Vanessa Rodriguez, has a hell of an arm. Look for the Monsoon to improve before the end of the year.