Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Dojo time

Karate is kicking my ass. In a good way, but kicking my ass nonetheless. Last night was private class, which is generally a less cardio-intensive session. I wasn't huffing and puffing, but I worked up a prodigious sweat anyway. Sheesh. Today I am S-O-R-E!! Left knee, right foot, left flexor ... what doesn't hurt in my lower body? LOL. So I complain, and will trot off to group class tonight (the one that IS cardio-intensive) and then I will REALLY complain.

Last night, my sensei tells me that he's going to do a kata, one that I won't study for a while & has moves that I haven't learned yet, but to follow along & try to do what he does the best that I can. The kata is slow, powerful, almost like tai chi with few explosive moves. I am hopelessly lost about five seconds into it but keep trying to mimic his moves. Sometimes I do everything backwards because I am watching him in the mirror. (Oops.) It goes on for a while. Eventually, he bows & ends the form, saying, "That's the just beginning of it." Only later he tells me that, yeah, that's a black belt form, you won't be getting to that for a good while!

I am loving studying at the dojo, but I really do need to get more sleep.

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