Friday, July 23, 2004

Fire notes

During the last ride up to Sacramento, I was obsessing about fire ... the day after my return, the first large fire of the season broke out. That was the Pine fire (near Lake Elizabeth) quickly followed by the Foothill file (in Santa Clarita) then the Crown fire (in Acton). A bunch of bad ones, and it's early in the season. If it's this nasty in July, what is it going to be like in August and September, our usual fire season? A bad year, indeed.

Where I live, we never got bad smoke and ashes falling, so I am thankful for that. Just general bad air quality, particulate matter and haze. I've been wheezing a bit more than usual.

Fire crews (heroes, those men and women) have knocked the fires down by now; all are under control & some have burned out. One was due to "natural causes" (if you consider a bird flying into high-power lines 'natural') but the others were almost certainly arson. I hope the Goddess has a special place for arsonists ... and She will give 'em their due, whatever it may be. It's beyond my ability to forgive someone who does that sh*t on purpose.

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