Monday, June 26, 2006

2006 Day 2

Madonna wears Doc Martens.So today, heading back east, I am getting off the interstate because ... well, because interstates are boring. I ride around the Painted Desert and then head through Arizona via hwy 60. There's a Madonna of the Trail in Springerville AZ, good photo op! Next, it's into New Mexico and up into mountains, where I get rained on pretty good in the interestingly-named Pie Town NM. Coming down out of the storm, I find myself looking at the Very Large Array on the great desert plateau. Stopping point for the night is Socorro NM. This is very pretty country through here.

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Anonymous said...

hi boo, i saw the vla back in the 80's coming back to long beach after 2 years in new jersey. it's an impressive sight and makes one wonder what or who they might be listening for. glad you saw it and posted it for others, julie