Friday, September 03, 2004

Day Sixteen

Start: Kingman AZ (23670)
End: Sherman Oaks CA (24012)
342 miles
5951 miles total

Home! Home! I'm glad to be home!One last day on the road, and I'm anxious to get home! Today's ride is uneventful, just more medatative miles clicking off through the California deserts. I think about the people fleeing the Dustbowl, making the Grapes of Wrath journey across this barren terrain in old jalopies piled with all the possessions they could carry. What did they think of this empty terrain? Did it crush their dreams, or only serve to heighten them, heading towards the promises of California? The town of Essex CA takes the cake on this trip with their Middle Of Freakin' Nowhere prices for gas and a soda. Unleaded (87) is $3.80/gallon. A can of Coke is two dollars. Onward, onward. Heading into Barstow, one more thing breaks on the bike. The spot weld on the lightbar gives way and -- clunk -- suddenly the auxillary headlights tip down and point at the ground. Oops! I stop (needed more gas anyway) and ziptie 'em to the frame, which doesn't fix the problem, but will keep them from flying off until I can get home and fix them. This is a pretty normal occurance for bikers, things just go wrong and ya gotta make do with what you have. Over the Cajon Pass and back into greater Los Angeles, it's a glad thing to be back on my familiar home roads, even traffic doesn't annoy me too much. I arrive home mid-afternoon, safe and sound. It's been a wonderful journey, my first cross-country trip and I've done it solo. I have ridden just under 6,000 miles, all of 'em good for my soul. Thanks to the Goddess for watching over me on this trip, and bringing me home again.


Anonymous said...

What a great journey! Thank you for sharing it so well. Congratulations on becoming an Amazon. I enjoyed your writing and pictures and especially your thoughts along the way. You met adversity and came out with a smile. A big smile, looking at that last picture! :)
Night, WWR and RSBS prospect.

ThatsMiz2u said...


Thanks so much for finally posting about your incredible journey. I enjoyed reading it, and hope our paths will cross at some point in the future.



Anonymous said...

Well Boo, what a great story. I'm glad to finally read the end..LOL
6000 miles and a few trials..I say you certainly earned that Amazon Patch. Congratulations.
I will always carry a package of zip ties with me now after reading how handy they were for you. BG
I am envious of your adventure.

Anonymous said...

You write very well, and had me hanging on for each installment. Thanks for making me smile about riding 2-up and close encounters with wildlife!

Way to go!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for finishing the epic. Glad I got to be a small part of it. Looking forward to next time.

Silver Penguin said...

Wow! That was one of the best ride journals I have ever read. I was rivetted not only by the content but the writing style. I do a lot of reading, and found your blog to be extremely well written.
It is encouraging to read that you have overcome many of the fears that haunt me about taking a long trip. There are few, adequate words to describe that utter joy of reveling in the scenery as you ride along, free and relaxed. As they say, you never see a motorcycle parked outside a therapist's office!
Thanks for sharing. After reading your blog, I am determined to get to know you better.

Anonymous said...

Idon't know how I missed this blog, but as usual, you had me riding on the handlebars.
Can't wait until the next time I can join up with you for part of your next USA ride. The story of your initiation was great..Amazons Rock